mercredi 15 juillet 2009

Geoservices Acquires Petrospec Technologies

After 5 company acquisitions, notably Production Wireline Services in the United States and Wireline Services & Mfg in Italy, the Geoservices Group*, a leader in oilfield services worldwide, acquired Petrospec Technologies **, specialists in seismic and real-time pore pressure and rock property analysis on July 10, 2009.

Petrospec Technologies' mission is to conceive, design, implement and deploy world-class geopressure analysis and drilling engineering software and services. Using innovative technology and original research, Petrospec Technologies powerful software systems help oil and gas clients evaluate potentially over pressured zones from seismic data. In real time, while drilling, these systems, combined whith skilled personnel, allow the successful completion of challenging wells.

Mark A. Herkommer, President & CEO of Petrospec Technologies, has joined the Geoservices Group as CEO of the Petrospec Division and reports to Jean-Pierre Poyet, Geoservices' Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer.

According to Philippe Salle, CEO of the Geoservices Group, and Nicolas Malgrain, VP Legal Affairs and M&A, "Petrospec is a key acquisition for the group in our quest to push technological frontiers in Mud Logging".

According to Jean-Pierre Poyet, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of the Geoservices Group, "The pore pressure technology from Petrospec, combined with our latest geoNEXT drilling acquisition system and gas system offers the best combination on the market to help clients drill through potentially dangerous over pressured zones".

(*) About the Geoservices Group
The Geoservices Group (more than 5,000 employees worldwide – US$ 510 million turnover in 2008) provides a range of oil field services that help evaluate hydrocarbon reservoirs and optimize field exploration, development and production. It serves oil and gas companies worldwide through a network of bases in 53 countries, covering all the main areas where oil or gas is to be found. Its services include Mud Logging (world leader), Well Intervention (World N°2) and Field Surveillance.

(**)About Petrospec Technologies, Inc
Since 1982, Petrospec Technologies, Inc., with offices in Conroe, Texas and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has provided the petroleum industry with cost-effective software and services for geopressure, rock property, and wellbore stability analyses from petrophysical and seismic data. Petrospec has recently combined its field analysis of cuttings to improve the safety, efficiency, and profitability of all phases of petroleum exploration, drilling and production.

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